Terry's Trip to Bosnia


Terry's Trip to Bosnia


Thank you Terry for sending us an update on your trip following the purchase of a R 1200 GSA from our Centre.

Last year, my partner and I decided we wanted to go on a road trip. We were unsure where to go to and had no bike.

We decided on a used R1200GSA from Chester Motorrad. After settling on eastern Europe, we planned a route usingrouteperfect.com, taking in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia inland, then back up the Croatian and Italian coast, then on to the Italian Alps.

Bike shuttle seemed like a good option to cut out the boring drag through France, giving us more time on the good stuff, a decision that worked well for us.

The route

Day 1

Geneva to Sirmione (lake Garda) Lovely setting, with a town inside a castle

Days 2 and 3

Slovenia (lake Bled) canyoning and rafting (fantastic) Narnia

Forgot the vignette. The border police were good enough to make sure we were aware of this. No fine!

Days 4 and 5

Croatia (Plivicka National park) Very nice!!

Day 6

Bosnia (Sarajevo and Mostar) A fantastic country, theroute from Sarajevo to Mostar is breath-taking on a bike. Fantastic food

Day 7

Croatia (Makarska) very nice place

Day 8

Croatia (Zadar) functional

Days 9 and 10

Italy (Trieste). Trip over the border to Slovenia tovisit the Skocjan caves. Well worth a visit.

Days 11 and 12

Italy (Venice) Say no more

Days 13 and 14

Italy (Courmayeur) Lovely. Beautiful mountains and scenery. The only posh hotel for us!!!!!

Day 15

Back to Geneva to meet the bike shuttle.

So much beautiful scenery and fantastic roads. The only thing we would change would be a night in Mostar.

Bike ran like a dream, thanks to the service team at Chester.

Comfort seats required, or sheep skin underwear if ridingfor more than 4 hours!

Total miles 2,600 round trip from Geneva

Total issues 0

Tools used screwdriver to disable the intercom!!! (joking)

Fun had 10/10,and planning the next one

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